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  • Atlantic City found itself at an industry crossroads when casino gambling was legalized in the mid-1970s. While the industry was sure to reenergize the area and potentially return it to its glory days of tourism, […]

  • Interesting read about the early history of Case Western Reserve, biggest critique I have is simply in the pursuit of more information. Certainly, learning how Case expanded and became the significant educational […]

  • zlafleur commented on the post, The Cleveland Institute of Art, on the site U.S. Tourism 4 years ago

    Only critique comes in the arrangement of the paragraphs. Transitioning from paragraph to paragraph was confusing because I believe they don’t follow a specific chronological order. This lead for a fairly […]

  • zlafleur commented on the post, Avon Lake Power Plant, on the site U.S. Tourism 4 years ago

    Being an Avon Lake resident, I found this article incredibly fascinating as well. My critique really isn’t a suggestion so much as it is a question. The Avon Lake Power Plant is a menacing building in a city that […]

  • zlafleur commented on the post, Nela Park, on the site U.S. Tourism 4 years ago

    Very interesting app site, I have no room to provide critiques and this read truly like a professional piece.

    I really enjoy the GE connection that this historical Cleveland landmark has. It goes to show that […]

  • zlafleur wrote a new post, Cleveland Hippodrome, on the site U.S. Tourism 4 years ago

    ThumbnailAt the turn of the century, Cleveland’s economy was booming. With economic prosperity reaching all across the city, citizens began to seek out ways to spend their leisure time. In 1905, the area’s citizens had […]

  • zlafleur wrote a new post, Hanna Theater, on the site U.S. Tourism 4 years ago

    ThumbnailCleveland’s Playhouse Square was the result of a push by locals looking to capitalize on the city’s demand for more entertainment venues. It would become one of the largest theater districts in the world, second […]

  • The competition for Monterey’s precious coastline, whether for its beauty or its abundant resources, served as the centerpiece of “Shaping the Shoreline”. This area of the country exhibited a unique relationship, […]

  • While Gettysburg existed as a tourist destination due to its history as a site of war, entrepreneurs and other enterprising individuals seized the opportunity to use the site as a moneymaking operation as well. […]

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